Pet CT & MRI Provides Professional Animal MRI Scanning From Our Dublin Specialist Veterinary Hospital

PET MRI Scanning

MRI Scanning is a non-invasive and completely safe way of getting a 3D image of various parts of the body without the use of X-Rays.

Often used to identify soft tissue injuries, diseases, or trauma, MRI scanning can quickly and effectively assist with diagnosis and help when drawing up a treatment plan.

Pet CT & MRI is based in NOAH Dublin and offers one of Ireland’s only pet MRI scanners. Our team of highly trained and qualified veterinary professionals offer our pet MRI scanning services to pet owners bookings as well as fellow veterinarian referrals.

With a passion for animal welfare and a long list of advanced qualifications, we aim to help diagnose and treat your pet in a fast, effective, and empathetic manner through our Dublin pet MRI scanning services.

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MRI Scanning Suitable For The Diagnosis and Treatment of:

Pet MRI Scanning FAQ

Yes, absolutely. MRI scans are a non-invasive and completely safe form of imaging that is suitable for use on cats & dogs.

This depends on the type of scan required and the breed of dog you own. Get in touch with Pet CT & MRI today for a free quote on our MRI scanning services.

Yes, absolutely, just make sure to book an appointment in advance on 01 8322843.