MRI and CT scanning generally works similarly, although MRI scanning takes longer due to the nature of the machinery used.

Before the Scan

Before the scan, metallic objects are removed such as collars are removed. Because of how long it takes an MRI scan to be completed, and the stillness required for both scans, the animal is put under a very light general anaesthetic to ensure they remain still and calm throughout the scan.

Here at Pet CT & MRI we want to put the wellbeing of your pet and your peace of mind at the forefront of everything that we do.


During the Scan

After being anaesthetised, the animal is then placed on the scanner. Sometimes an additional contrast dye has to be added intravenously to increase the resolution of the picture. This is a rare earth dye generally Gadolinium-based and its only effect is to increase resolution in areas of inflammation. This does not affect the animal in term of pain or behaviour.

An MRI scan usually on average takes about 1 hour to complete for a full set of sequences. The image analysis taken of patient takes 72 hours to complete. 

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After the Scan

Once the image has been obtained, the animal is removed from the scanner and monitored until it is awake. Interpretation of results can then take place and a diagnosis given. Following results from your pet’s MRI or CT scan, Pet CT & MRI works with pet owners and veterinarians to develop a treatment plan to suit the animal and ensure their optimum comfort, health, and wellbeing.